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Construction Management (Second through Fourth years)

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Construction Management (Second through Fourth years) (93 Hours)

Second Year
First TermHours
ARCH 3513
CST M 2013
CST M 2222
CST M 2542
PHYSICS 101 or 2014
Second TermHours
ACCTG 2303
ARCH 3523
B LAW 2103
CST M 2023
CST M 2524
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermHours
C E 3022
CST M 3323
CST M 3683
CST M 3703
CST M 4513
Second TermHours
Biological Sciences [BSCI] with lab4
CST M 3333
CST M 3563
CST M 362 [M]3
CST M 3713
Fourth Year
First TermHours
ARCH 4633
CST M 301 or MGMT 3013
CST M 4603
CST M 4623
300-400-level CST M Elective3
Second TermHours
CST M 4733
CST M 475 [M]3
Diversity [DIVR] or Humanities [HUM]13
Integrative Capstone [CAPS]3
300-400-level Business Elective23
300-400-level CST M Elective3

1University Requirements include 3 credits of [HUM] and 3 credits of [DIVR].
2ECONS 327, WOMEN ST 315, or any 300-400-level ACCTG, B LAW, ENTRP, FIN, HBM, I BUS, MGMT, MGTOP, MIS, or MKTG course not used to fulfill other requirements.

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