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Washington State University and its various colleges reserve the right to change the rules regulating admission to, instruction in, and graduation from Washington State University and any other regulations affecting the student body. Such regulations shall go into effect whenever the proper authorities may determine and shall apply to prospective students and to those who may at that time be enrolled.



Washington State University is committed to providing people of diverse religious backgrounds access to education. In addition, law requires reasonable accommodation of religious beliefs and practices. Because religious observances do not always conform to state and university holidays, tests or examinations that fall on these religious observances require reasonable accommodation. The university will provide reasonable accommodation consistent with the fair, efficient and secure administration of its programs. When tests or examinations fall on one or two days objectionable to a student because of religious beliefs, the student shall provide the instructor written notice 14 calendar days prior to the holiday. The written notice shall specify the date(s) and the reasonable accommodation requested. If the request appears to be made in good conscience, the instructor shall make alternate arrangements for administration of the examination or test, considering the integrity of the testing process and fairness to all the students. The instructor shall inform the student of the decision in writing within seven calendar days of the receipt of the request. Any student who believes that she or he has not been appropriately accommodated under this policy may seek review of the decision by sending a written request to the chairperson of the department offering the course, as soon as possible and no later than seven days after learning of the instructor’s decision. After the chair’s decision, the student or the instructor may appeal to the dean’s office. Appeals to the dean’s office must be presented in writing within seven calendar days of the chair’s decision. The decision of the dean or associate dean shall be made within seven calendar days and is final. The University Ombudsman is available at any stage for advice or assistance in resolving requests for accommodation. Students should understand that fairness in the examination process is an important consideration in the educational process and that they do have a duty to cooperate in making alternate arrangements.


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