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Agricultural Education

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Agricultural Education(129 Hours)

Combining the best of both agriculture and teaching, the Agricultural Education major prepares students to educate the next generation of agricultural leaders and consumers. Highly sought after by employers, they teach high school and middle school agricultural science classes, as well as serve as FFA advisors, adult education instructors, community outreach coordinators, university extension agents, etc.

This major requires students to complete the AFS core courses and agricultural education required courses, as well as a series of teaching and learning courses to meet initial teacher certification requirements. Students also spend a semester student teaching in an agricultural education program in a Washington high school.
First Year
First TermHours
CHEM 101 [PSCI] or 105 [PSCI]4
Second TermHours
AGTM 2013
CHEM 102 or 1064
ENGLISH 201 [WRTG], 301 [WRTG] or 302 [M]13
STAT 212 [QUAN], MATH 140 [QUAN], 171 [QUAN], or 202 [QUAN]3 or 4
Complete West B Exam
Second Year
First TermHours
300-400-level Ag Elective23
AFS 1013
Creative & Professional Arts [ARTS]3
TCH LRN 301 3
Certify in College of Education
Second TermHours
AFS 2013
BIOLOGY 106 or 1074
Diversity [DIVR]3
Humanities [HUM]3
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third TermHours
TCH LRN 317 (Available summer only)2
Third Year
First TermHours
300-400-level Ag Elective23
ECONS 35033
TCH LRN 4643
TCH LRN 4653
TCH LRN 4662
Second TermHours
AFS 401 [CAPS]3
AGTM 4023
TCH LRN 467 [M]3
TCH LRN 4692
TCH LRN 4703
Fourth Year
First TermHours
300-400-level Ag Elective23
AFS Core Systems Elective43
AG ED 440 [M] 2
AG ED 4503
AG ED 4712
Second TermHours
AG ED 4078
TCH LRN 4158


1One from ENGLISH 201, 301, 302 [M] or 402 is required for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Students who take ENGLISH 302 will need to take an additional [WRTG] or [COMM] course.
2The Agricultural upper-division electives are required for teacher certification in Agricultural Education. Any 300-400-level course with one of the following CAHNRS subjects: AGTM, AFS, ANIM SCI, CROP SCI, ECONS, ENTOM, ENIVR SCI, FS, HORT, IPM, LND ARCH, NATRS, PL P, SOIL SCI, or VIT ENOL not used to satisfy major requirements can be accepted to fulfill this requirement.
3ECONS 352, which is only offered in the spring, may be used as an alternative for ECONS 350.
4AFS Core Systems Electives: AGTM 310, ANIM SCI 464 [M], 472 [M], 474 [M], BIOLOGY 372 [M], CROP SCI 302, ECONS 351, HORT 320, NATRS 300, SOIL SCI 368, or other systems courses approved by your advisor.
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